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Danny Richard


Dwight Saunders, Danny Richard and Billy Green, collectively known as Buckwheat, what a band.

This trio rocked the Tampa Bay area from the late 60s til the mid 70s with high energy Rock & Roll. No 3 man band had ever generated as much electricity as Buckwheat

Buckwheat was a favorite at local ‘Battle of The Bands contest;, their music was distinct and very powerful.

Buckwheat performed three piece power rock of it's time, covering many Jimi Hendrix tunes a hefty amount of early Grand Funk and featured many originals such as "Get It On" written by Danny and Dwight.

We were known for spontaneous ( and lengthy ) blues based jams and Danny's guitar pyrotechnics, performing at teen venues around the bay area, including the "Star Specs" at Clearwater Auditorium, Indian Rocks Beach, Rowlett Park, and the old "Quest Inn" Coffee House in down town Clearwater.

I remember a show we did to raise money for Donna Miller, a Pinellas Park lady who needed a kidney transplant, Buckwheat was the first band to volunteer their services. They were red hot, the fans would not let them leave the stage, wanting more!

Danny & Dwight still live in Florida, not much has been heard from Billy. Dwight has been sidelined for a while, and wants to return to music when he gets back in the groove.

There are many memories made by this trio, many a great moments for Tampa Bay live music lovers. Watching Danny play the guitar with his teeth was a thrill I will never forget.

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