Tampa Bay Garage Bands


The Tempest

In the 1960's, Florida was one of the leaders for having the most local Rock N Roll garage bands. Everywhere you turned there was a local garage band playing at a teen dance or a concert. The Tempests was one of those bands from the 60's that was very popular in Florida.

They were formed in 1963 in St. Petersburg, Florida when the original members were just 13 years old. The original band members included Doug Palmer( rhythm guitar), Bobby Allen (drums), Bill Hickman (bass guitar), Tom Angarano (vocals) and the late Charlie Bailey (lead guitar).

The second version of The Tempests replaced Bill Hickman and Doug Palmer with Mike Hammer (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Buddy Peterson (bass guitar and vocals). These replacement band members enhanced the band's ability to play more songs with harmony. This was a big plus since the Beatles dominated the airways in the sixties. As a result of this change they won the Battle of the Bands at the Electric Zoo.

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