Where Are They Now?

Carson Cooper

Worked in Tampa Bay commercial radio for two decades, starting at WSRZ 102 1/2 in Sarasota, in August 1981. Remained at that same frequency (for the most part) until October 1999.

Highlights included morning with Nick Van Cleve -- then Charlie Logan, Russ Albums, and Cynthia Clarc. Now employed by WUSF-FM in Tampa (NPR) as local host of Morning Edition (news.) Am. Also, the Webmaster and programming co-conspirator of Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville.

Steve Huntington (another Whatever Happened To radio guy) is the program director. Pinch me. Life is great.

UPDATE: Aug 1st 2018

WUSF host Carson Cooper passed away. He was a very nice person with a great, folksy radio voice talent. He'll be missed...

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