Where Are They Now?

Catherine Parks

Catherine LaBelle Parks is one of the most beautiful ladies to ever surface in Tampa. She graduated from Leto High School in the 70's and attended the University of South Florida. She was both Miss Tampa and Miss Hillsborough County before becoming Miss Florida in her second try and was first runner up in the Miss America Pageant in 1977.

An accomplished singer, she performed in a number of local shows for the USO and sent goose bumps up the spine of millions of views as she sang "He Touched Me" for her talent competition in the Miss America Pageant.

Just over a year later, she moved to Hollywood where she got feature roles on "Love Boat," "Hunter," "Real People," and numerous soap operas. She developed a friendship with David Jacobs, creator of "Dallas," who put her in the first nighttime soap opera which also featured Mel Ferrer. She has made a number of movies, including "Looker," with Albert Finney, James Coburn and Susan Dey, "Friday the 13th, Part III in 3-D," and "Weekend At Bernies I."

She still lives in Hollywood, taking on movie roles and television commercials as they come up.

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