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Chet Bennett

Chet Bennett is a veteran at producing, engineering, mastering and studio design of more than 40 years. Titan Sound Studios in Largo, Florida recieved one of the very first M.C.I. 16-track machines [#007] where such artists recorded as James Brown, Roy Orbison, Bertie Higgins, Jim Stafford, Mike Pinera [Iron Butterfly, Blues Image], Peter Tosh [Bob Marley's Wailers], Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Wallace, The Original Drifters, The Tams, Avalanche, The Train Robbers, Johnny K, Dennis Ballew and Plain Truth, who Chet produced for Henry Stone and Steve Alaimo's "TK" Records in Miami for the new sub label Marlin.

In 1969 Chet became involved with Muscle Shoals Sound by cutting demos and discs for them. That same year Chet became a writer for Muscle Shoals Sound Pub [BMI] and Formular Music [ASCAP] with his friend Terry Woodford who headed up those companies. Barry Beckett produced some of those songs written by Jerry Wallace, Chet Bennett and Terry Woodford. Chet also did sessions at Widget Sound with Ron Ballew. In 1975 Chet was inducted into Florida's Country Hall of Fame as the number one studio and producer of the year.

In the summer of 1976, Chet took on the challenge of designing, building, equipping, and producing/engineering the new Boblo Records in Brunswick, Georgia for his old friend Bobby Smith, where he first began doing sessions in 1963 at Bobby's studio in Macon, Georgia. It was there that Chet met the great Otis Redding... "I now know my calling, after I heard Otis sing." So Chet returned the favor to his mentor and gave Bobby two chart records in the first two attempts, "Mr. Boogie Man" and "Feel Like Being Funky," by Avalanche. Then he came up with Jason Willis' "Long Distance Runner" and recorded the late great Jimmy Orion Ellis.

In the early 80's Chet moved on to CBS records where he cut records for Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson to Willie Nelson and the rest of the CBS roster. Recently, Chet was co-owner of AANCO entertainment group/Manitou Records where he co-produced Eddie Three Eagles, a two-time #1 seller of Native American Music worldwide. Today, Chet heads up "Muscle Shoulders," his new CD label, which has a roster of new and old releases.

His web page is: www.chetbennett.com

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