Where Are They Now?

Chuck Stevens

This man possessed one of the finest voices ever heard. Smooth, and just plain soulful. He was brought into Tampa Bay by Bill Garcia when he started the new era at Q105 in December 1973.

Chuck Stevens’ real name was Cary Baker. Not many people knew much about him. He was shy, offered a quick smile when he first met you, but it took time before he would open up to you.

Chuck Stevens left the Q in 1975 to work at Y95, the Bill Hennes consulted station across town, WLCY’s sister station owned by the Rahalls. Stevens was the mid day jock and doing a wonderful job, everyone loved his work on the air, and his prod-uction was extremely good.

Chuck left Y95 looking for that “elusive butterfly”, a happiness he could never grasp. After several years of battling his personal demons, Chuck Stevens took his life in 1986.

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