Where Are They Now?

Cousin Larry Lane

Cousin Larry Lane was quite an entertainer in the Country radio scene around Tampa Bay in the 40s, 50s & 60s. He was an incredible talent, with one downfall, he could not read. No one knew that, as he would ramble off commercial after commercial, total adlib “In trouble, need help on the double, a good man to know is Angelo, at Dixie Auto Wrecker Service” I can still hear Larry railing off the different clients. He would do Sunny Brook Dairy, Luther Auto Parts and Brother Bill Alderman from Alderman Building Supplies, Larry would rattle off.

Larry Lane worked at WHBO, WEBK, WZST, WKTS, WPRY and at WYOU where he worked until his death in December of 1967. Larry was driving on hiway 301 when his car hit a dead cow on the road, his car was thrown into the other lane where he hit the on coming car with 3 people on board. All died at the scene. Adding insult to injury, someone came along before police could get there and stole everyones wallets, watches, etc.

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