Where Are They Now?

John Lanigan

Cleveland's most well-known radio personality, John Lanigan celebrates more than 30 years on the air in Cleveland. Famous for his controversial style and conservative views, John has driven his morning show to the cutting edge of talk radio.

A small-town boy from Ogallala, Nebraska, John's first job was for his high school's radio station. He traveled to Cleveland in 1970 to join WGAR. Throughout the next 13 years, John's opinionated radio style developed. People found him offensive, racist and vulgar, but good or bad, people were listening.

He joined WMJI in 1985 after spending a few years at Magic 96 in Tampa Bay battling the Q Zoo of Scott Shannon. His hard work and diligence have paid off because his morning show has become the highest rated daily radio broadcast in the state of Ohio.

Today, John is host of the Lanigan & Malone Show and discusses current events, interviews celebrities, features daily contests and serves as an open forum for the public to voice their opinions.

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