Where Are They Now?

Judd Otis

He was born in Dumas, TX. After High School served as an officer in the Navy Seals during the Vietnam War. After being discharged, settled in upstate New York where he started in radio. Went to Fall River, Buffalo, Hartford (WDRC for 7 years), KKBQ in Houston, Amarillo for a short while.

Judd always dabbled in high performance vehicles (Hartford especially), so after Amarillo he left radio, opened a High Performance Motorcycle shop in Temple Terrace and started working part-time doing mornings for that AM teapot up on Florida Avenue, WHBO. It was then that I hired him (in '82) and Bob & Judd went to 1996. Let's not forget Four-Play, his truck accessory business. After WUSA blew up, he went to San Diego.

During their run, Bob & Judd had incredible success at WUSA FM 101. They were a smooth oiled machine, seamless in their presentation.

Judd Otis passed away from cancer in 2001, he will always be remembered for his sense of humor, the laughter be brought us all, both on and off the air.

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