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Mark Beiro

Young people know him as the ring announcer on the famous national TV show BattleBots. Older generations know him as the ring announcer in some of the biggest boxing matches on national TV, and still others remember him as the ‘Voice of Jai Alai’, his name is Mark Beiro, the funniest man ever to come out of West Tampa.

Mark started his illustrious career at a very young age doing play by play at West Tampa Little League. So after his debut, he was signed by Mitchell Mick to do play by play at the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

Beiro worked several radio stations doing play by play and DJ’ing until he landed the job as the Voice of Jai Alai at the Tampa Jai Alai Fronton. He would do the reports of the nights action on several bay area radio stations.

He had a few stints doing wrestling play by play, and was very good at his trade. Many wondered why he was never signed to no the national wrestling shows, he sure could have and would have done them.

After struggling several years doing boxing matches all over the world, his big break came. The Producers of ‘BattleBots’ discovered him and he became a national sensation over night. He would be hounded by young autograph seekers at airports all across the country. “You work you entire life doing national boxing events and no one asks for an autograph, one season on ‘BattleBots’ and you are a star” says Beiro.

Mark has also hosted a Sunday night radio program on Newsradio 970 WFLA for the better part of 12 years. He is one of the most talented individuals on the planet, and without a doubt the funniest man I have ever known .

Mark lives in Tampa with his wife Jackie, they own a business called ‘At Your Service’

You can contact mark via email at: yourhero97@aol.com

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