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The Greaseman

"The Greaseman" was born Doug Tracht in Bronx, New York, on August 1st, 1950. He attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, and went to Ithaca College in New York from 1968-1972, majoring in Broadcasting. He worked at the college radio station and several other local stations where he developed the on-air character known as "The Greaseman" (or just"Grease") after a co-worker commented that he was "cooking with grease!".

At WENE, a station servicing Binghamton, he met and later married the receptionist named Marie. After college, he got work as a DJ almost immediately at WAXC in Rochester. The legend was just beginning... Grease is considered a "shock-jock" by many, though he doesn't push the limits of bad taste as far as some. However, while working at DC/101 in 1985 he crossed the line by telling a racial joke about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Due to protests and media uproar, Grease apologized for the incident on WRC-TV in D.C.

Despite that incident, DC/101's station manager has stated he was much less nervous about Grease's show than when Howard Stern was there. In the two years after the firing, Grease made several stand-up appearances at D.C./Maryland area nightclubs, much to the delight of his strong local followers. But his aim was always to get back on the air, and he made that happen on March 5, 2001.

The Grease Show can once again be heard from 6 - 10 AM on several syndicated stations, and for the first time the show is available worldwide over the Internet. The station list is growing once again, and the Grease keeps on shreikin'!

*** Just In From The Greaseman:
Hi everybody... The wait is over... The Greaseman show returns to Washington radio Wednesday morning, July 10th 2002... 6 to 10 am.. I'll be Rockin' the AM dial again, on WGOP - DC RADIO 700. Web Site: www.greaseman.org

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